Module 6
Safe operation of knuckle booms

This course can be taken on its own but all students MUST have the prerequisite Module 1: FUNDAMENTALS OF RIGGING to receive certification.

How long is this course?

8 hours (It’s a 2 day course when paired with Module 1)


Is it all classroom or does it include a practical?

Classroom + Practical


Can this be taken at your location?



Will you come to us?



How much can I lift with this?

8 tonnes and under


What is the minimum & maximum class size?

No minimum, 12 maximum


How long is my certificate valid for?

3 years


Core Topics Discussed:

  • Safe Operating Practices

  • Load Charts

  • Crane Inspection

  • Alberta L Workplace Health and Safety Code: PART 6 – CRANE AND HOISTS

  • Part 19 Powered Mobile Equipment